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Customized Seminars

Focus on those topics and use examples that apply to your company. Contact JD Goodrich & Associates for customized on-site seminar services. 

JDGA provides in-depth seminars covering the following topics:
• U.S Export Regulation & Documentation
• U.S. Import Regulation & Documentation
• Harmonized Tariff Classification
• NAFTA & Other Free Trade Agreements
• Customs Valuation
• Dutiable Assists & Additional Dutiable Costs
• Exporting to Canada
• International Letters of Credit
• International Logistics
• Import Audit Preparation
• U.S. Export Controls – EAR
• U.S. Export Reporting - EEI
• Record Keeping Compliance
• Export Screening
and more...

Regularly Scheduled Public Seminars & Webinars

JD Goodrich & Associates has an affiliation with Global Training Center. Visit their web site for regularly scheduled, nationwide international trade seminars and webinars.

Upcoming Global Training Events Lead by John D. Goodrich

Webinar                    Tariff Classification                              Monday, Sept 9
Webinar                    NAFTA Rules of Origin                        Tuesday, Sept 10

Minneapolis              Tariff Classification                               Monday, Sept 16
Minneapolis              NAFTA Rules of Origin                         Tuesday, Sept 17
Minneapolis              Import Documentation                         Wednesday, Sept 18

Milwaukee                Tariff Classification                                Monday, Oct 14 
Milwaukee                NAFTA Rules of Origin                          Tuesday, Oct. 15 
Milwuakee                Import Documentation                          Wednesday, Oct 16  
Milwaukee                Import 201                                            Thursday, Oct 17 

Webinar                    Tariff Classification                                Monday, Nov. 4
Webinar                    NAFTA Rules of Origin                          Tuesday, Nov 5

Chicago                    Tariff Classification                                 Monday,  Nov. 18 
Chicago                    NAFTA Rules of Origin                          Tuesday, Nov. 19 
Chicago                    Import Documentation                           Wednesday, Nov. 20 
Chicago                    Import 201                                             Thursday, Nov  21

Webinar                    Tariff Classification                                 Monday,  Dec.2 
Webinar                    NAFTA Rules of Origin                           Tuesday, Dec. 3
Webinar                    Import Documentation                           Wednesday, Dec. 4 
Webinar                    Import 201                                             Thursday, Dec. 5

Minneapolis              Tariff Classification                                 Monday, Dec. 9
Minneapolis              NAFTA Rules of Origin                          Tuesday, Dec 10

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NAFTA Training

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